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Faria Beede offers a comprehensive line of marine gauges. All of our gauges feature unsurpassed styling and design.

There are more than 300 boat manufacturers world wide using Faria Beede gauges. We lead the industry with a wide variety of instruments and engine monitoring devices.

GPS Speedometer

The GPS Speedometer is a drop in replacement for your current speedometer to match your existing instrument dash.

GPS information is gathered from an internal GPS antenna. No external antenna required. You can be sure that the Faria Beede GPS Speedometer is giving you the most accurate GPS information available on the market today.

Course Over Ground (COG) and actual heading (compass heading over ground) are displayed on the optional digital LCD. Speed data is shown by an analog pointer. This pointer is driven by a digital stepper motor for increased accuracy and minimized pointer bounce during vessel operation.

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Digital Gateway Systems

The MG3000 is a feature-rich, intuitive engine monitoring solution for the instrument market. The digital instrumentation communicates directly with the J1939, NMEA2000 and SmartCraft protocols used by the engine ECU providing an important link between the operator and the engine ECU. With just a push of a button the operator can tell the status of the health of the engine including diagnostic messages, fault alerts, and parameter information.

With a full featured J1939 interface the MG3000 series instruments provide a complete interface for virtually any SAE J1939 data. Connect to analog and digital signals to reduce installed costs significantly.

The M3000 and other digital instruments from Faria Beede are fully scalable from a single gauge solution to a full feature multi-gauge applications.

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Engine Monitoring Tachometers

Engine monitoring tachometers provide a warning light display notifying the operator of a potential engine error.

Faria Beede currently provides system monitoring for Bombardier Evinrude/Johnson engines using SystemCheck®, Suzuki engines using Suzuki Monitor® and OBD alerts for engine that support OBD.

Depth Sounders

The Depth Sounders from Faria Beede are the standard when it comes to performance in high speed accuracy over various bottom conditions. Available with Dual air and water temperature displays and either a Transom, In-Hull or Through Hull transducer configurations.

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