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Tachometers Benefits
  • Wide range of scales
  • Available for gas or diesel engines
  • Multiple signal sources
  • Rugged, Reliable construction

These dimensions can change depending on gauge style and should only be used as a reference.


Electronic tachometers work by counting pulses generated by the ingition system, alternator, tach signal generator or magnetic pickup sender. The tach is hooked up to +12vDC, Ground and one of hte signal sources listed above.

By selecting the right tach and setting the switch on the back to the correct postion you let the tachometer know how many pulses are sent per each engine revolution.

Gauge Sizes Available:

4" - Hole size: 3.375" (85mm)
5" - Hole size: 4.375" (112mm)
Parts available
Factory # Catalog # Description
TD912833842Chesapeake Black SS4"Tachometer (4000 RPM) (Diesel) (Mechanical takeoff & var ratio alt)
TD912733742Chesapeake Black SS4"Tachometer (4000 RPM) (Diesel) (Mechanical takeoff & var ratio alt)
TC978533710Chesapeake Black SS4"Tachometer (6000 RPM) (Gas) (Inboard & I/O)
TC903533718Chesapeake Black SS4"Tachometer (7000 RPM) (All outboard)
TD973233719Chesapeake Black SS4"Tachometer (4000 RPM) (Diesel) (Mag Pick-Up)
TC979633807Chesapeake White SS4"Tachometer (6000 RPM) (Gas) (Inboard & I/O)
TD973333818Chesapeake White SS4"Tachometer (4000 RPM) (Diesel) (Mag Pick-Up)
TC900233817Chesapeake White SS4"Tachometer (7000 RPM) (All outboard)
TC903633005Coral4"Tachometer (7000 RPM) (All outboard)
TD912633042Coral4"Tachometer (4000 RPM) (Diesel) (Mechanical takeoff & var ratio alt)
TC949333004Coral4"Tachometer (6000 RPM) (Gas) (Inboard & I/O)
TD967333003Coral4"Tachometer (4000 RPM) (Diesel) (Mag Pick-Up)
TD912433142Dress White4"Tachometer (4000 RPM) (Diesel) (Mechanical takeoff & var ratio alt)
TC969133103Dress White4"Tachometer (6000 RPM) (Gas) (Inboard & I/O)
TC903833104Dress White4"Tachometer (7000 RPM) (All outboard)
TD970633121Dress White4"Tachometer (4000 RPM) (Diesel) (Mag Pick-Up)
TC964332804Euro4"Tachometer (6000 RPM) (Gas) (Inboard & I/O)
TC901132805Euro4"Tachometer (7000 RPM) (All outboard)
TD912232842Euro4"Tachometer (4000 RPM) (Diesel) (Mechanical takeoff & var ratio alt)
TD967132803Euro4"Tachometer (4000 RPM) (Diesel) (Mag Pick-Up)
TC961035104Euro Beige SS4"Tachometer (6000 RPM) (Gas) (Inboard & I/O)
TC901635105Euro Beige SS4"Tachometer (7000 RPM) (All outboard)
TCH223Euro SS5"Tachometer (6000 RPM) (Gas)
TC900332905Euro White4"Tachometer (7000 RPM) (All outboard)
TD967232903Euro White4"Tachometer (4000 RPM) (Diesel) (Mag Pick-Up)
TD912332942Euro White4"Tachometer (4000 RPM) (Diesel) (Mechanical takeoff & var ratio alt)
TC967932904Euro White4"Tachometer (6000 RPM) (Gas) (Inboard & I/O)
TD938839007Kronos4"Tachometer (4000 RPM) (Diesel) (Mechanical takeoff & var ratio alt)
TC925239005Kronos4"Tachometer (7000 RPM) (All outboard)
TC998339004Kronos4"Tachometer (6000 RPM) (Gas) (Inboard & I/O)
TC993334607Pro Red4"Tachometer (6000 RPM) (Gas) (Inboard & I/O)
TC902634617Pro Red4"Tachometer (7000 RPM) (All outboard)
TD964034642Pro Red4"Tachometer (4000 RPM) (Diesel) (Mechanical takeoff & var ratio alt)
TC947636004Spun Silver4"Tachometer (6000 RPM) (Gas) (Inboard & I/O)
TC900436005Spun Silver4"Tachometer (7000 RPM) (All outboard)
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